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Container filled air bag is widely used in container and sea transportation; In various transportation modes such as trailer and train, its function is to fill the gap between goods to play a buffer role, absorb vibration and protect products from damage due to collision. It can effectively protect the goods during transportation, avoid collision with each other, and play a buffer and anti collapse role. It is especially suitable for the collapse of palletized, whole plate, palletized and containerized goods in batch transportation logistics system. It has a great effect on reducing logistics cost, improving loading and unloading speed and loading efficiency It is also a new environmentally friendly alternative product for transporting Zhongyuan wood or Styrofoam.

The inflatable bag is made of a tough outer bag, an inner bag with high air tightness and an air valve nozzle. The air bag is easy to use, fast and can be reused. In the process of transportation, a great factor of cargo damage is the packaging damage caused by the collision between the forward or backward cargo, and then the cargo damage. Inflatable bags can effectively prevent the movement of goods in truck, container or railway transportation. It can fill the gap between goods, support the weight of goods caused by shaking, absorb vibration, and protect goods from damage during transportation. It is more effective than other supporting and filling protectors, and more environmentally friendly than traditional filling methods such as foam plastics.

Before the emergence of inflatable bags, people generally used wooden brackets or foam to fill the gaps between goods. However, these materials are not satisfactory in terms of cost and protection, and are subject to many restrictions. With the increasing requirements of environmental protection, wood / foam and other filling materials are being eliminated.

The inflatable bag is not only low in cost, but also superior to other fillers in compression resistance and shock absorption. It is easy to use, greatly saves packing time, effectively reduces transportation costs and improves the company's image. With the rapid development of the logistics industry at home and abroad and people's increasing attention to cargo transportation packaging, inflatable bags have been used as indispensable packaging materials by more and more cargo owners and logistics providers. It is widely used in electronic, chemical, mechanical and electrical, medical, agricultural products, logistics, it and other industries.

Quality and assurance:

In order to effectively achieve air tightness during transportation, the inner bag of the special filling air bag for OLE packaging container is made of 5-layer co extruded nylon film mainly composed of PA, and the PP woven bag is coated with kraft paper as the outer bag. Each air bag of the company is equipped with a high-quality one-way air valve to prevent air leakage.

Quality focus:

If the goods are damaged or broken during the transportation, and the customer cannot receive the expected goods on time, the exporter will not only increase the cost, but also may lose a valuable customer. Insurance companies will also increase their premiums due to large compensation.

Technical parameters:

The outer bag of the container inflatable bag is made of PP woven kraft paper, which is tough and reliable. The inner bag is made of 5-layer arch extruded nylon film mainly made of PA. At present, Aoli inflatable bags are made of five layer co extruded nylon film (PA), while other similar domestic products are made of LDPE material, which is far inferior to nylon film in terms of strength, tightness and puncture resistance. Aoli container filling air bag inflation nozzle is a special one-way check valve, which can effectively prevent gas leakage after inflation. Its special design can protect the air bag from being damaged during inflation and reduce the possibility of injury to operators. It is tightly sealed, and the inflation bag can withstand a pressure of more than 9 tons.

Selection method of inflatable bag:

● measure the gap between goods.

● measure the overall height of goods stacking.

● measure the depth of the pallet or the depth of the package size of the goods.

● our full-time personnel can assist you to make packing design and product selection, and complete packing test together with you.

● for normal use, if the goods are packed with sharp corners (such as wooden pallet, wooden box, etc.), adding corrugated board or other flat plates on both sides of the inflatable bag can effectively protect the inflatable bag from being punctured.

● be sure to tighten the air valve before use.

1. What is the function of filling air bag?

The function of filling air bag is to prevent goods from moving during transportation. It can fill the gap between goods, bear the weight of goods when shaking, and avoid damage to goods during transportation.

1. What tools are needed to inflate the inflatable bag?

2. air gun 2 Air pressure gauge 3 barometer

3. Can inflatable bags be reused?

Yes, but you must use it according to the correct method and add “ Recycle, do not damage ” Words of.


Less time for loading and unloading

low cost

Environmental protection materials

Can withstand a lot of pressure

Effectively prevent goods from moving

Depending on the size of the gap and the size of the air bag, it can generally be used for more than 10 tons of goods

We have more than ten kinds of special filling air bags for containers of common specifications. Reasonable / appropriate opinions for customers

In terms of various transportation methods, the special filling air bag for containers can achieve the ideal result of protecting goods

It is especially applicable to the collapse of palletized and containerized goods in palletized and batch transportation logistics systems



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