The Aolipack paper slide board is made of imported high-strength kraft cardboard composite and treated with a special dry and moisture-proof process. It has good smoothness, great moisture resistance, and tear resistance. This product is free from commercial inspection, fumigation, and disinfection. Vertical paper sliding pallets are a leading technology in the field of palletized loading and transportation, and are an ideal replacement for wooden, paper, and plastic pallets. They have been widely promoted in developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan, and are widely used in various product and transportation fields

Paper slide pallets need to be used together with carts with push-pull devices, making them very suitable for sea freight and internal cargo transportation within the company. This system has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan, and more and more enterprises in China are now introducing this loading method.


Small size, light weight, renewable and environmentally friendly, strong tensile strength, high burst resistance, good stiffness, and folding resistance


1. Save space, facilitate transportation, reduce labor costs,

2. The appearance is like a piece of paper, which can better utilize the space of containers and transportation vehicles;

3. The storage space is extremely small, with 1000 sliding pallets=1 cubic meter;

4. There is no need for turnover, so there is no turnover cost;

5. No need for material recycling;

6. No need for repair and no loss;

7. No need for management or loop control.

The main purpose of the vertical paper sliding support plate is:

Used for goods transportation, warehouse transfer, logistics transportation, replacing traditional wooden pallets and plastic pallets