Slip sheet: It is actually used as an alternative to pallets, which means its function is equivalent to various types of pallets. Therefore, based on its function, we can paraphrase it as "sliding tray" or "sliding pallet", and "sheet" means "thin paper, lining board" lining board. Why add "slip"? The main reason is to emphasize the difference between it and other types of pallets (specific differences will be analyzed below).

It is also translated as "sliding tray" or "sliding board" mainly because of the method used. The normal use of pallets is carried out by forklifts at the foot of the pallet; The slip sheet is operated by a forklift equipped with a push-pull device. The correct method of use is to use the push-pull device to grab the push-pull edge of the slip sheet and move the forklift forward. However, there are also cases where the forklift stops and directly drags the slip sheet and its cargo after grasping the push-pull edge. So it's not surprising to have the word 'drag' in its name.

In addition to the main common translations mentioned above, there are also other translations: skateboard paper, slide tray, and so on.